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Josiah's House!

Posted by autismne on September 1, 2012 at 2:15 PM

Let me tell you about Josiah's House!

Josiah's House (Josiah's House, Inc.) is a wonderful learning and life skills center for young adults.  It is a center that is full equiped to meet the learning needs of individuals with special needs for life skills such as independent daily living skills, eating skills; meal preparation training and other skills to help them with daily living tasks.

Josiah's House, Inc. is managed by founder, Irene Jones 

Josiah's House Inc. was envisioned and founded June 9, 2008, by founder and President Irene Jones; Ms. Jones has a son diagnosed with autism she place her son in a group home for expert support and growth for his future success. However, it proved to be unsuccessful Ms. Jones son was lacking in socialization skills, speech, grooming and was heavily medicated. Irene left her job as an RTA Bus Driver, discharged her son from the group home and he became the catalyst that encouraged Irene in becoming certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. In addition it has given her the pulse for dedication through education, understanding and maximizing her passion to proceed with a plan that will ensure that adults with special needs are able to get the education, feel safe, and the respectful service support they need to function in today's society.

A word from Marian Helmick - Founder of AutismNE

When I fist saw Josiah's House, Inc. I was very impressed with all the learning centers and the mock home style living area that they use to practice home care skills.  I decided to do a Josiah's House tour to show all they have available toward helping individuals with special needs.  The Josiah's House, tour is in the Photo Gallary on the AutismNE website and will be also available on the new Josiah's House website soon.  What I loved most about Josiah's House, Inc. is the caring staff, not only do they care for the "friends" (clients) but they care for each other as well.  They have something special that I hope will always remain at the heart of Josiah's House, and that is love.

Josiah's House, Inc. now opening their doors to helping after school students for a social skills respite time. Students can come to Josiah's House, Inc. for a few hours after school to socialize with peers or help with homework.  To find out more about the after school respite program, contact Irene Jones at Josiah's House, Inc, phone: 216-236-6960

To learn more about Josiah's House, Inc. visit their new website at:



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Posted by autismne on February 17, 2012 at 12:05 AM

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