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Healing Properties of Honey

Posted by autismne on January 6, 2013 at 10:10 AM

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This is only my opinion but I'd like to share my thoughts as a parent. Honey is a very good addition to helping our children with their autistic symptoms. I did some research and found that honey has anti-inflammatory properties (most medications have some sort of anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine property) which for us on the spectrum is essential to help reduce some symptoms such as digestive and immune health. (for many individuals with autism inflammation may play a part in sensory symptoms). Using honey is such a good easy first step to helping heal symptoms. I don't know how much to give in general, but I've heard that a tea spoon a day helps with sinus allergies. I've been taking a teaspoon of honey daily for a few weeks and my sinuses aren't as bad off as they were before I started. (I often have sinus congestion which leads to sinus infection if not treated. I'm also using a humidifier which is also helping relieve sinus congestion. I'm glad honey is helping me. Below is the most interesting article about honey and a must read.)

~ Marian Helmick - founder: AutismNE




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Healing Properties of Honey


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