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Respite Night - Take A Break at Grace Church

Posted by autismne on October 3, 2010 at 5:08 PM

Respite Night - Take A Break at Grace Church (Middleburg Heights)

Hi Everyone,

This is a great program for children and young adults of all ages and special needs. My son totally enjoyed the program and I thought it was great, I had the pleasure of spending the entire evening helping out and it was super! They have many qualified volunteers and always a nurse on staff.

Heres info from their website:

TTR Ministry offers a special service called Take A Break, which is a respite event for the families of a disabled child or adult to enjoy. Most families find it very difficult to get even one evening out for themselves to enjoy. Take A Break provides 4 hours of free time for families to do whatever they want, such as taking in a movie, going shopping or even going out to dinner. This event generally occurs on the first Saturday of every month, with a few exceptions. The evening at the church is for people of any age - children, teens, and adults.

Take A Break utilizes the gifts and talents of medical people, special education teachers, parents, teens, the elderly, etc., to provide companionship and care to the disabled youth and adults that attend the function. It is amazing how a mere 4 hours out on the town can rejuvenate and recharge the batteries of those folks faced with 24/7 care of their loved ones. God is good! Amen!

If you have a family member with special needs and would like to participate in the Take-A-Break program, please contact the church at: (440) 243-4885 - [email protected]

Or Contact:

Becki Parrott, Ministry Coordinator [email protected]

Rich Miltner, Ministry Coordinator [email protected]

Tina Kozarik, Ministry Team Leader [email protected]

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