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Vaccine Injury is a Real Possibility - Know the Risks.

Posted by autismne on January 20, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Vaccine Injury is a real possibility. There is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that isn't talked about enough for the community to really think about. Though the debate goes on about if it causes autism, it is a reality that vaccines can cause injury in some or many individuals.

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has a list of vaccines and the compensated injuries. Unfortunately Autism is not on the list of Injuries but, in my opinion according to this, I see that there is a real health risk to anyone of any age to receive a vaccine. My encouragement to everyone is know that there may be a risk of injury.

See the information on the Government website about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program. This page lists the vaccine Injury table (scroll down to see the table:

There are also specific lawyers that help with these cases. It's important to have a lawyer if you feel your child or loved one has been vaccine injured. I found this informative website with vaccine listings on it. (This is only for information purpose only, (I'm not recommending them by referring to their site). Here is the website:

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