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Parent Contact List

Our parent contact list is available to any AutismNE member who would like to contact another family in the area you live in or find families who have children in your child's age group. You may add your contact information to the list if you don't see a family in your area or if you would like to be a support to another parent.

Database Picture Tutorial

See pictures below for how to add your contact info, edit and find other parents in your area.

Example of the Parent Contact List Database 

Below is an example of what the Parent Contact List layout looks like on the Database.

To add your contact info or edit your info see the next box down. 

(Names changed on the picture of the data base for example.) 



How to Add your Contact Info

 1. Click on the button for "Add Row" on the far Right side.


Add your Info

Add your info and then click on the "Save" button on the bottom.


To Find your Name on the Database

After Saving your Contact info as shown above; you can find it by searching the database.  This is also how to edit your contact info.  This will bring up all rows that are similar to what you type in the search box.

How to Edit your Contact Info.

After finding your contact info as shown above.  Edit by clicking on the far left side pencil icon as shown below.



Change Your Contact Info

After clicking on the edit button as shown above, choose the area on the contact info you need to change.  It's easy to highlight the area and write over the info you need to change.  Hit save when you're done.


To Find Parents in your area.

Just enter your city name in the search box and it will bring up all the members listed in your city!

PS. The same can be done for your county!


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